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Healing Cavities with the Help of Healthy Fats

When we talk about the connection between diet and cavities, we always discuss about avoiding certain foods in order to prevent cavities or stop their progression. But do you know that there are some foods which can actually help you get your cavities healed? Yes, you can eat healthy fats to even reverse the cavities.

The importance of fats

According to the recent findings, indigenous people used to consume fats which were more than what the people belonging to modern culture do. The immediate thing that comes to our minds is that those people must have been obese and unhealthy. It is not true. The consistent cultural programming has led us to believe that fats are not good for health; and so we put all of the fats in a category of foods which need to be avoided. The matter of fact is that the healthy fats are important for us to consume in the same way as unhealthy fats are important to avoid.

Healthy fats to fight cavities

Do you know that healthy fats can be even more beneficial than the minerals when it comes to dental health? With the supply of healthy fats, you also get a fair supply of vitamins and minerals which are essential not only for your oral health but also for your overall health. With these fats, you will be able to get plenty of vitamin D which is quite important for the calcium to be absorbed well in the body. Vitamin D is the same vitamin which we get from milk and other dairy products. It is a well-known fact that calcium is the much needed mineral for the dental health. Fluoride, along with calcium, makes tooth enamel strong. If we eliminate calcium from this equation, the teeth are not going to have the ability to heal faster. This way, they will be more susceptible to decay and cavities.

What are healthy fats?

You may wonder what the healthy fats are. Healthy fats are essentially the natural fats which we get in your diet. They are naturally distributed in the foods with such a maintained balance that they remain good for everyone.

It would be worth describing a misconception about fats being major reason for the obesity. Again, the healthy fats do not do anything wrong with your health. As a matter of fact, healthy fats tend to make you leaner and more focused. On the other hand, Trans fats can do the real damage to your health by doing exactly the opposite of what healthy fats can do. These Trans fats come from hydrogenated oils. Most of the health physicians put these oils in the list of foods which should be avoided.

It is quite unfortunate that health physicians do not tell us about the alternates of the fats which we should avoid. Switching to low-fat diet may be able to give some quicker results in terms of losing weight but it is never an ideal solution if you want to maintain energy in the body. As far as the prevention and reversal of cavities is concerned, you need to have a diet which could have nutrients to help you avoid the dominance of bad bacteria and infectious factors in the mouth and other systems of the body. Healthy fats tend to provide the best in this regard.

Things You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

In recent times, cosmetic dentistry has become pretty popular. More people are heading towards dental offices to get their smile improved. The most common methods of smile improvement include whitening and veneers.

In this article, we are going to talk about the facts related to whitening of teeth.

  • There are several factors that can affect the whitening of your teeth. Those factors mainly include your diet. Coffee, wine, smoking and certain types of foods can discolor the teeth greatly.
  • If you are not cleaning your teeth regularly, the plaque on the teeth can accumulate further to convert into calculus, also known as tartar. Tartar can also change the color of your teeth.
  • Stains can also exist under the surface. Such stains are usually caused by use of antibiotics and/or tiny cracks which allow stains to be absorbed.
  • The natural color of your teeth is what you get when you get your teeth erupted. Therefore, the teeth whitening procedure is not exactly a whitening process. It is the process of removing the surface stains.
  • Typically, the effects of whitening should remain there for 3 years but it can also vary from person-to-person. If you like to eat foods with strong color, the effects of whitening is not going to stay for long.
  • Teeth whitening process is not aimed at removing the deep stains.
  • If you want to avoid stains on your teeth, you are going to have to make sure that you are avoiding excessive consumption of the foods which can stain your teeth. If you smoke, you can stop doing it to avoid stains.

Tips to whiten your teeth

Apart from the generalized tips to whiten your teeth, we are here to discuss the practical tips which you need to consider when you plan on getting your teeth whitened.

  • While the prices of overseas products may seem quite tempting, you need to avoid using those products. The benefit of using local products is that you can make a good research about the manufacturers before buying the products. On the other hand, you will not be sure about the quality of product that you order to be shipped to your country.
  • If you think that you are going to need to get your teeth whitened, you need to talk with your dentist about it. They are the qualified people who know about the right compositions to whiten your teeth quite effectively. It means that if you think that you are going to need the use of slightly abrasive ingredients for teeth whitening, you are going to have to get a recommendation by your dentist.
  • If a beautician offers you the teeth whitening treatment, he or she, by definition, is breaking the law. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are getting the teeth whitening treatment which is legal. And you will have to visit your dentist for this purpose.

Teeth’s whitening is not all about brightening of your teeth. It is also about making sure that you are not compromising over your dental health and strength. Therefore, the teeth whitening treatment you are planning to get should be right according to the prescription.

How to Deal With the Sensitivity of Teeth

You may be in the need of visiting the dentist immediately if you are unable to have your hot and cold foods due to a sense of hypersensitivity which you get after eating those kinds of foods. Things can get worse when you feel the same kind of pain after eating something sweet, sour or acidic. There is a chance that you are having the tooth sensitivity, which can be very painful.

Here, you will have to make sure that you know about the reasons that make your teeth hurt. If you know the reasons, it is going to be easier for you to treat the problem.

Tooth enamel is highly important

When it comes to prevention of tooth sensitivity, role of tooth enamel is highly important. The hypersensitivity is mainly developed due to thinning of tooth enamel. Thin tooth enamel doesn’t stop hold and cold temperatures from reaching the inner layers which are dentin and tooth pulp. Tooth pulp consists of active nerves and vessels which keep the tooth alive. This is the portion which can feel hot and cold temperatures.

Smiling woman

Now, if you feel extra sensitivity in your teeth, there is a chance that some of your tooth enamel is worn off. Here, you are going to need to take care of your tooth enamel with the help of following steps.

  • It is good to be careful about your oral hygiene; and this carefulness may be the reason you consider it highly important to brush your teeth. However, there are several people who brush their teeth quite abrasively. You need to make sure that you brush your teeth gently.
  • If you want to protect your tooth enamel, you will need to make sure that you avoid acidic foods and beverages. Acid can dissolve tooth enamel. After this dissolution, there is going to be no way to get the lost part back. Foods that you can eat to prevent the loss of tooth enamel may include fruits and vegetables rich in fiber and dairy products. Green tea can also be quite helpful in this regard.
  • If you have the habit of clenching your teeth, you are going to have to get rid of this habit. Clenching can result in the wearing out of tooth enamel on the chewing sides of the teeth. As a result, the teeth are not only reduced in size but the dentin and tooth pulp is also going to be at the risk of being exposed.

Treating the root causes

It is very important to pay attention to the main reasons for tooth sensitivity. When you know about the reasons, you are going to find it pretty easier to deal with the problems. The major reasons for tooth sensitivity mainly include gum disease, natural shrinking of gums and cracked tooth or filling.

You will need to bring a change in the dental hygiene practices to treat your problem of tooth sensitivity. First, you will have to make sure that you brush and floss your teeth using the right technique. Then, you can use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Fluoride gel is also an effective treatment because it helps in the re-mineralization of teeth at some extent.

In the end, you need to visit your dentist regularly. Of course you are going to visit the dentist when you will have pain. But it is very important to not miss the scheduled dental visits.

Coffee and Teeth Staining – Things You Need To Know

It is a common habit of many people to kick start their daily working routine after having a cup of coffee. However, you may wonder if this cup of coffee can affect your smile by staining your teeth. A few things are worth mentioning in this regard.

How does the coffee stain your teeth?

The enamel may look hard and smooth but, in fact, it is a surface with tiny fissures which can trap microscopic food particles. Therefore, if you eat and drink staining foods and beverages, you are going to get your teeth stained.

Pigments from the foods such as coffee, tea and soda can settle in the fissures of the tooth enamel and cause the teeth to look stained. If the teeth are not properly cleaned, these stains can get permanent and cause the teeth to look yellow.

What happens when you add cream?

Cream or any whitener can be added in the coffee to bring new flavor. The concept of coffee getting its capability to stain the teeth reduced due to this addition may seem pretty logical but it is not actually the case. You are still going to get your teeth stained because the stain-causing pigments do not go anywhere when you add cream or whitener. Nevertheless, the risk of staining can be reduced if you reduce the amount of coffee in order to make room for cream.

Preventing the coffee smile

The best way to prevent a coffee smile is to avoid the consumption of tea, coffee and other staining foods and beverages. However, this may not be an acceptable solution for many people. Good news is that you can still avoid the staining of your teeth while not giving up on coffee consumption. Here, you are going to have to quit the consumption of coffee by sipping it throughout the day. You can have a cup of coffee at specific times in a day. When you are done with your cup of coffee, you will need to rinse your mouth or brush your teeth in order to remove the staining pigments.

You will need to make sure that whiteness of your smile is being maintained well. You can use whitening toothpaste in this regard. Make sure that you brush your teeth twice every day. Furthermore, visiting the dentist after every six months can save you your smile and a lot of money which you can end up spending to treat the dental issues which are developed due to carelessness.